20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

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Try These 20 Extreme Adventures Before You Die

We’re all adventurers in our own right, but not many people would try these 20 extreme activities to try. If however you are one of the few that would love to abseil down an active volcano or ski down the terrifying K2 mountain then this is the article for you for sure. There really is something for everyone here and I think you will be hard pushed to find other more exciting things to do in your lifetime.

Sure some of these things require strong physical fitness levels but then nothing worth doing is easy, so if you arethinking about doing any of these you may want to head over to the gym and start getting yourself fit and ready for the challenges ahead. I’m pleased with the range we have on offer here for you and I think you will really like these items. Good luck for all of you who are determined to try some of them!

#1 Go Speed Skiing At The Hahnenkamm Downhill Race

Ski The Hahnenkaam 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

Today we follow circular pathways of our life. Work, home, clubs, internet are the tracks which we usually follow. Those who are fed up of routine life and those who love thrill this is the right place to go. Hey men these are hahnenkamm hills in Austria, snow covered hill tops are very inviting and tempting for those who love skiing, that’s why thrill addict ski lovers rush towards Austria every year to attend hahnenkamm race and increase the rate of adrenaline in their blood stream. You should experience this at least for once in your life, all those who attended this race admit it as most dangerous and exciting race through out their skiing experience, so come and join us enjoying sliding of snow under your feet, high octave ups and downs of hill. Come on lets do it for once. Here is the link for you, definitely a gift for ski lovers.

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#2 Trek through The Amazonian Jungle In South America

Trek The Amazon Jungle 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

Amazon jungle is one of the greatest adventures on this earth. it is full of extinct species whether of flora or fauna. When you enter into the jungle you see such scenes which are very rare in our general world. You will feel your self surrounded by different animals very beautiful and very dangerous. I think this a slap over the face of those who are involved in the extinction of flora and fauna. It is very rich and those interested in water journey can have their take through the rivers reo Negro and reo solimones throughout Amazon jungle. green canopy, floating river, very rich flora and fauna are inviting you a must visit tour where you will feel serene and the tranquillity of atmosphere will effect you in such away that you will be eager to visit the place again.

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#3 Climb The Seven Summits Of The World

Climb The Seven Summits 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

Those who love height and high places will love seven summits. These are seven highest peaks present in seven continents of world, including Everest, volcanic kilimanjara, denali and other highest peaks. People who loves challenges feels deep affection for mountains. Worlds highest peaks are calling you, there chill environment, icy breeze are waiting for you. They are standing on the face of earth with immense proud and are looking at you with appealing gaze. Many peoples had walked over these great symbols of height and strong motivations now it is time for you, here is a link, just a short glimpse of the fantasies waiting for you.

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#4 Dive Into The Blue Holes Of The Bahamas

Blue Holes In The Bahamas 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

Human nature is always attracted towards mysteries. Those objects which are hidden get our interest more intensely. We go up on sky high hills, explore vast desert and dive into deep black holes of underground caves. Bahamas blue holes are one of those mysteries and hidden truths buried deep down the earth and hiding great truths and realities in their deep chest. these caves are so beautifully built that human feels lost in their eternal beauty, scientist are exploring them revealing hidden truths of earth, well let them do their work it is now your time to go and get your piece of beauty and great knowledge only a little courage is required. Are you up to take the bold step and explore these blue beauties.

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#5 Travel By Bicycle From Argentina To Alaska

Cycle To Alaska 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

You have had often heard the motive “go green” or “travel green” and many of you might also had contributed in decreasing pollution from our mother earth, here is another chance for you to not only support the great cause but also have some holiday. If you want to see world through a different prospective and explore from different angle here is right choice for you. Travelling from Argentina to Alaska through bicycle is a kind of great fun; you will see such great places on your way that it will become a life time experience for you. Plus point of this travel is that you can also go with your family and enjoy adorable planes beautiful valleys and peace full villages coming in your way. One more thing cycling is also good for your own health.

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#6 Circumnavigate Around The World Solo

Sail Around World 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

Columbus got his take now it is your turn to sail around the world. Don’t wait for the right time, pack your beg and come out say bye bye to work and home and live for yourself. Just you and the mystified deep blue sea. Sea is perhaps biggest hidden treasure of nature hiding lots of things in it. If you are tired of hectic schedules or of boring routine life and love to add some thing real life in your experience plus you love adventures and risk taking is your hobby, this is the right choice for you. Take your luggage and spend some quality time with your self. I am sure you will not only find new adventures of sea but also will find some hidden realities of yourself which are now hidden under the piles of office work and house hold chores. So spend some time with your self and motivate your senses by visiting this site.

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#7 Go Swimming With Great White Sharks In Mexico

Swim With Great White Sharks 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

Want adrenaline rush in your blood stream? Consider your self danger oriented person? or want a challenge for your bravery?, here is the one for you. Swimming sounds so innocent, so we are adding a little spice, swimming with great white sharks in Mexico. Sea coasts of Mexico are famous for their heart taking scenario and swimming on that coasts is little different from swimming in any other sea. It is not the usual high tides or cold water this is a true meeting fixed with beautiful white sharks with their twinkling white scissor sharp teethes. Are you ready to watch those glistening teeth and the cold water? Come to Mexico, if you dare.

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#8 Complete The Ultra marathon At The Mont Blanc Circuit

Mont Blanc Ultra Marathon 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

Mount Blanc is the longest walking road of about 170 km. it extends from Switzerland, Italy and France. An annual marathon is held there every year. The road is full of dangerous curves and cuts, unlike any other marathon the speed during this marathon is comparatively higher, if you are health conscious and love social events then take part in this event and enjoy the marathon. participants from around the world take part in this great marathon, you’ll get an exclusive chance of not only exploring Mont blanc circuit but also experience beautiful serene atmosphere and enjoy a running marathon at a great natural place. Scenes surrounding will be so astonishing that you might forget marathon and get lost in those refreshing places.

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#9 Kayak Through The Bashkaus River In Siberia

Bashkaus River 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

Russia is famous for its contrasting cultural events in masses here is another reason for this country being so famous, Bashkaus river situated in Siberia. This river is very powerful and famous for paddling with kayak. It’s tides generate very forceful jerks only skilled and well balanced professionals can do this, those who love dangerous hobbies and love to take part in thrilling and exciting games, then this river send an open invitation to them. Road leading to the river is also not well built only jeeps can take you there. Paddling in this great river requires a great effort and skill therefore prepare yourself well before leaving for Siberia because it’s dead cold.

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#10 Compete In The Patagonian Expedition Race In Chile

Patagonian Expedition 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

This is perhaps the most exciting cycle race event held on the beautiful hills of chille. Audiences of the race not only enjoy thrilling sport but also tranquil atmosphere of hill’s locality. Those taking part in the event are very much excited and filled with enthusiasm. Every one wait for the race whole year just to experience the danger and the thrill it offers. It require high effort, devotion and professionalism to attend the race, the path is very dangerous and as well as beautiful and attractive. For those who love challenges. Are you up to take the chance?, grab your professional bicycle and head towards chille.

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#11 Climb Mount Everest

Climb Mount Everest 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

If hiking/rock climbing is your passion, then somewhere in your dreams you have climbed the Mount Everest a million times. Climbing the highest mountain in the world is a feat few can boost about and yet remains a feat every extreme adventure lover strives to achieve. At 8,848 meters above sea level, several accomplished and novice mountaineers have attempted to climb the Everest. Lack of oxygen, extreme weather conditions and exhaustion all make this one of the hardest mountains to climb. If climbing the Everest is in your to-do list, start by planning your trip, gather the right gear for extreme weather conditions, be prepared for adversities and get healthy mentally and physically. Climbing the Everest might take years of preparation but that moment on the highest mountain in the world will be the sweetest ever!

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#12 Speed riding The Eiger

Speed Ride The Eiger1 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

Imagine standing on the snow-clad peaks of the Eiger with the scenic sights of Switzerland all around you. Eigher, a mountain in the Bernese Alps has a ridge crest mountain surrounded by the largest glaciers of the Alps and inhibited valleys. Considered one of the most fearsome mountains in the world, Eiger has added speed riding to feed the adventurous souls of the people. A combinational sport that combines skiing, paragliding and sky-diving wherein the person first sky dives down the Eiger and then paraglides down the slopes skiing. At 3.90m (13,025ft) the Eiger mountains provide the perfect altitude and terrain to make your first speed riding experience a memory of a lifetime. Imagine skiing down the snow-clad slopes as you soar above the sky on your paraglide. Speed riding is the ultimate adventurous sport bringing the sky to your footsteps.

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#13 Surf The Waves At Shipsterns Bluff In Australia

Surf At Shipstern Bluff 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

With a name called “Devil’s point” you know Shipsterns Bluff in Australia is bound to take you on the ride of your life. Have you ever dreamt of having the blue waves brush your face as the great white sharks swim with you? Devils point has a 200 ft rocky outcrop has large waves that is a surfers dream. The larger waves begins from the outside and goes berserk on the inside challenging the greatest surfer in you. The Shipsterns Bluff offers a variety of sea animals, which includes the great white sharks and the reef. Surfing the waves at Shipsterns Bluff can be an adventure that comes with bragging rights. Not everybody can surf the waves at Shipsterns Bluff; its takes a strong heart and a stronger soul.

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#14 Go Hiking Through The Triple Crown In The USA

Hike The Triple Crown Of USA 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

Do you like challenging the hiker in you? Have you hiked the North American Triple Crown and wondered what next? Go hiking through the Triple Crown in the UK. Great Britain boosts of a scenic landscape that is every walkers dream come true. Inspired by the US triple crown, the UK triple crown boosts of the scenic landscapes of Wales, England and Scotland. If you are in UK and don’t know what to do- hike the 11000 miles of UK coastline and scenic landscape. Walk the trails of the UKTC and become part of history. Compared to the USTC, which stretched 8000 miles in distance, the UKTC has 11000 miles, which might just be the longest hike yet.

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#15 Ski Down The K2 Mountain In Asia

Ski Down K2 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

At a peak elevation of 8,611 meters (28,251 ft) K2 Mountains is one that features on every adventure sport list. Termed the Savage mountain, the K2 mountains are the second highest in the world extending from the borders of China to Gilgit, Pakistan. Termed Bottleneck Couloir, the most difficult ski slope on the most difficult mountain on Earth is sure to provide the greatest adrenalin rush of your lifetime. K2 has 3 camps each at 6600m, 7300m and 7900m providing the required challenge for the adventure seekers. The K2 Mountains provide a challenge for the most skilled skiers because of its hard snow, which makes it hard to ski. Skiing the K2 can be the most satisfying trips of your life and perhaps the one you would want to brag about for years to come.

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#16 Free Climb Spider Rock In Arizona

Spider Rock Camp grounds in Arizona can be best decribed as a rock climbing experience you would not want to forget. Classified as a Grade V rock climb, with 9 pitches and 800 feet in distance, Spider Rock is located in Chinle Arizona. With guided trails and white sand rock, Spider rock has numerous trails and camping grounds to make this a comfortable adventure. Most people prefer to hike Spider Rock, there have been people who have use ropes to climb the rock. Crested with beautiful lakes, one can enjoy hiking, fishing and swimming after a hard climb. Whether you like to hike or climb, Spider Rock can feed the adrenalin junkie in you.

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#17 Trek Across The Sahara Desert

Trek Across The Sahara Desert 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

Sahara, an amalgamation of sand and rock that in it’s own term can only be called picturesque. Such is the power of Sahara that even after being claimed as the most in hospitable of places still defines beauty with its sand storms, rocky plateaus, oasis with palms and camels. Sahara is the largest desert in the world making it as large as Europe and USA. Known for its san dunes, the sand dunes can reach 180ft in height. With dry vegetation, having more than adequate amount of liquids becomes mandatory for survival. Trekking the Sahara can be a humbling and awe-inspiring journey, which not only allows you to trek the largest desert in the world but also experience the hospitality of the African culture.

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#18 Kayak Over The Palouse Falls In Eastern Washington

Kayaking is a sport people all over the world enjoy but kayaking the Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington is a feat few have accomplished. Standing at a whopping 180 ft in height, the Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington brags of upper falls with 20ft drop and lower drop of approximately 180 ft which makes kayaking the water fall all the more dangerous. The falls are located in the grand Palouse Falls State Park with a 105 acre camp ground. The drops in the Palouse Falls make it a kayakers delight because of the underwater plunge that it guarantees. Kayak your way into the Palouse Falls and go down in history as one of the few to have accomplished this feat ever!

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#19 Abseil Into An Active Volcano

Climb Into An Active Volcano 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

What would you do for an adrenalin rush?? Kayak the scariest waterfall in the world or abseil into an Active Volcano. Considered one of the scariest adventures to have ever been attempted, abseiling into an active volcano would be a feat few would attempt. Standing near to a volcano can be unbearable, now imagine being as close as 100ft to the molten lave lake. Watching a lava lake on an active volcano is a sight few can boost of, but Mackley from NZ holds the feat of abseiling into an active volcano and smiling at the cameras as he was being filmed. Call it extreme courage or pure adrenalin rush; this is by far the craziest and dangerous stunt to be attempted by anyone.

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#20 Surf In North And South Poles

Surf In The North pole 20 Extreme Adventures You Should Go On Before You Die

Imagine surfing in snow showers ad awe inspiring back-drop of pure whiteness and now imagine the words North and South Poles. Surfing has been enjoyed for a long time and people have always tried to find more challenging surf turfs. The newest surf turf in town is the North and South Pole. With temperatures as low as -43 degrees in winter and around freezing point in summer, the North Pole is considered warmer than South Pole. Due to the extremity in the weather, hypothermia is a big lurking danger here. With the right precautions, this might be the surfing experience you would not want to miss.

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