30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

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Dare Devil Craziness

Life is about living people, so why are so many people fraught with danger? I mean sure, danger is a word that conveys a sense of fearful actions and undesirable events but come one, we only get one chance at this crazy life so we had better make the most of it.

This article is all about doing things that are dangerous, things that most people won’t even take a second to think about, I’m not talking about climbing a wall in your local rock climbing centre, oh no, that’s just far too easy and really not living up to the term ‘Dare Devil’ I’m talking about the kinds of things that make grown men and women whimper at the thought but then go ahead and do it anyway.

Sure you may get injured some where along the line (and because of this I do not condone or urge you to try these things they are done at YOUR own risk) what I am saying is that some people like myself, like to live dangerously and getting injured now and then is a part of that way of living, in my experience though (so far) it just makes you feel all the more alive.

I feel there are too many people living a shrouded and sheltered life where they are never really living life, they get up in the morning and go to work, come home, watch tv and at the weekend they’ll maybe go for a leisurely stroll in the country. Listen, there is NOTHING wrong with that (once in a while) but I personally want to know I am alive, I love that adrenaline rush when things can maybe go a little (or disastrously) wrong it lets me know that I am living my life the way I want to and I love it.

So with that all out of the way, here is your list of 30 Dare Devil things to do before you die, take a look you might even like some of them!

#1 Human Catapult

Human Catapult 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

This is something you do not see everyday, that’s for sure but what striked me as even more insanely awesome was the fact that the chap that I saw doing this was registered legally blind! He’s doing some serious living! The human catapult as it sounds is when a person is literally thrown from a huge mechanical catapult to a safety net a distance away. Now you may be thinking “What dangerous about a safety net!” good question and here’s the answer – the safety net is around 50 feet away! There is no safety rope or anything like that, you simply strap on a helmet and neck brace, curl yourself into a ball and think happy thoughts as you are thrown into the sky. Simply put: Awesome!

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#2 Bungy The Nevis

Bungy The Nevis 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

The Nevis is something that only the most adrenaline fuelled dare devils should try because this is not for the weak of heart. This bungee jump is situated in Queensland, New Zealand and at the time of writing this, it is the largest static jump in the world. The jumping platform is located in the middle of two huge hills and the distance between the base and the ground is an amazing 143 metres! Jut getting to the base itself is a bit of an adrenaline rush so god only knows how it feels to leap from the base in the sky to the valley below. This is something I think I will be trying in the near future, it just looks brilliant.

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#3 Swim The English Channel

Swim The English Channel 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

Okay so this one is not so much of a sudden adrenaline rush but more of a long distance dare devil challenge. Swimming the English Channel is regarded as one of the hardest tasks you can do in regards of swimming, it’s like doing a marathon in the water and it is not just a walk in the park. Many have tried and succeeded yet a lot more have tried and failed, the body strength you need in order to complete this gruelling physical endurance is amazing and you had better hope you are fit, healthy and above all a damn good swimmer if you want ot try this for yourself.

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#4 Tapei 101

Tapei 101 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

Tapei 101 is the worlds largest tower standing at a collosal 1,670 feet high, for some just the thought of climbing to the top may give them a sense of vertigo but to others it gives them a chance to challenge their own fears and laugh in the face of danger. So what have people been doing at the Tapei 101 tower? They’ve been jumping off it, no not like lemmings, they are base jumpers, these sky prone dare devils climb to the top of the worlds largest tower only to jump off with a parachute strapped to their back and the hopes of making the fall to the earth. Fantastic!

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#5 Conquering The Mega Ramp

Conquering The Mega Ramp 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

The mega ramp is a massive skateboard ramp with one aim in mind – to throw the skateboarder as high and as far as possible with just the power of gravity. Sounds interesting right? Danny Way, an American skateboarder took on the challenge and succeeded in 2008 and not many have been able to follow in his footsteps. The ramp features a huge 75ft gap and threw Danny 23 metres in the air, for a skateboarder that is pretty insane, with nothing more than his legs as suspension he then managed to touch down and not even break into a sweat. This is just insane.

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#6 Deepest Dive

Deepest Dive1 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

In 2005 Nuno Gomes swam over 1,000ft into the depths of the Red Sea to smash a world record, you may be thinking that diving isn’t that hard to do, but when you consider the fact that a depth of 100ft  and larger begin to put strenuous pressure on the human body it is definitely not easy. Nuno swam to over 1,000ft that is just madness and its a miracle he even managed it at all! Let me put it another way, more men have been to the Moon, than have swam below 300 metres. Does that sound a little more difficult now?

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#7 Motorcross Jump

Motorcross Jump 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

In 2008 Australian born dare devil Robbie Maddison decided that he wasn’t being as dangerous as he could be, so he decided to break the world record for the biggest motorcross jump in history. Dedicating his attempt to the legendary Eval Knieval, Robbie went live on ESPN and conquered his record breaking jump leaping nearly 323ft into the air! Now I’m not saying all of you should immediately go and practice on your motorbikes, but jumps like these are what dreams are made of. If I were you I would try small jumps first.

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#8 Stunt Jumping

Stunt Jumping 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

You’ve seen all of those movies where the lead character jumps from a sky scraper only to be perfectly fine the other end, but it’s not often the actor who makes those jumps, it’s the stuntmen and women. One of the craziest of these types of jumps is the one made by Stig Gunther in 1999, he fell an astonishing 322ft without any safety lines, onto an air bag to secure his landing. This is just mad, but you can do similar jumps to this one if you really want to, but do you really have what it takes?

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#9 Free-Climbing

Free Climbing 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

Rock climbing is all about upper body strength, perseverance and of course being able to take huge heights in your stride. Free climbing on the other hand is all of the above but with the added danger that there are no safety ropes should you make a mistake. Free climbing is one of the most dangerous extreme sports you can take on and it is much more likely that you will fall than actually get to the top of your climb, yet so many people still try this amazing sport one of them being Alain Roberts aka ‘The French Spiderman’ who climbs sky scrapers  without the aid of any safety devices, that’s just crazy!

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#10 Sky Diving

Sky Diving 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

Yes we are back on this pony once again, sky diving really is one of the best adrenaline sports you can do and in all honesty it is still pretty dangerous, sure there are added safety features these days but heck, you are jumping out of a plane! Sky diving is something that everyone should try to attempt at least once in their lifetime because honestly it is such an amazing rush. You feel alive, you feel excited and you feel like you are actually having fun. SO get off that couch and take to the skies before its too late .

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#11 Driving A Stock Car

Stock Car Racing 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

Racing around a race track at speeds of 100mph+ has got to be something everyone has at least thought about doing in the past? I know I have thats for sure. Stock car racing is much more than just racing around though, there is a real danger of being smashed to pieces by the other racers in this no-holds-barred style of motorsports. Basically you are left to your own devices as long as you stick to the rules, so bumping and crashing are all very much part of the sport. This just makes stock car racing all the more fun in my opnion though. Go try it out!

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#12 Bungee From A Helicopter

Bungee From A Helicopter 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

Bungee jumping is overrated nowadays, not because it is a fad sport but because it has been done so many times that it is now the norm amongst many circles. Things need to be spiced up a bit to make them more interesting and what better way to spice up bungee jumping than to do it from a moving helicopter? Crazy, oh yes. Fun? You bet it is, although you could be forgiven for mistaking that it is terrifying too, which I am sure it is to a lot of people, but hey, if you never try then you never know right? I for one am going to be doing this in the future.

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#13 Isle Of Man TT

Isle Of Man TT 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
Some may think that because this is a race around an isle that it is nothing more than an overrated race circuit. Not true in the slightest! The Isle of Man TT is one of the most dangerous motorsports you can take part in, there have been deaths, injuries and all other kinds of nasty things you don’t want to know about. However this is one of the reasons that you do these things, what is the point of just doing the same old thing day in and out when you can do something that is not only dangerous but awe-inspiring too. Plus I hear the scenery is pretty immense!

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#14 Riding The Ocoee River

Riding The River Ocoee 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
White river rafting is something I love seeing and doing, and to be fairly to the point, I think it is freaking awesome! The best part is that the more dangerous it is the better the ride, enter the Ocoee River. This is one of the most extreme rivers to go rafting on in the world and if you are to trake part in an excursion down this beast, you had better wear a helmet and work that oar like a pro. This is one of the more dangerous water sports you can do and I think it is still under-rated, so go forth and conquer those rivers, they are lying in wait for you.

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#15 Jet Shot Boating

Jet Shot Boat 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
This is an insane way to travel on the waters of New Zealand, basically you take an extremely fast boat (the Jet shot) then you add some narrow and dangerous waters and hey presto you have yourself an adventure. This is something I have not done yet but I would love to give it a spin, it just looks so cool and yet so dangerous at the same time. Think about it, you are travelling at break-neck speeds through very narrow and daunting river stretches, just one false move and bamm! Game over. Sounds more like game on to me though!

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#16 Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
Hang Gliding is a sport that has pretty much taken a backseat in the extreme sports arena for a few years, yet it is still one of the most incredible things you can do, it just depends where it is that you are doing it. How about travelling to any of the amazing mountain ranges in the world and attempting a hang glide? Not only would that be an awesome experience, but you would see the world from a aperspective most never will. Cap it all off with a helmet cam and you are good to go. This is something I will be trying shortly I think, it’s too good a sport not to try.

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#17 Diving With Sharks

Diving With Sharks 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die

Scary aren’t they?Sharks I mean. You can really get spooked by the sheer size of these beastly creatures of the sea, yet for some reason it is very much appealing to jump into the waters and get up close and personal with them. For me at least. Swimming with dolphins is all very good but I love the thought of seeing these hungry predators in action before my very eyes, plus there is more than one experience to be had from this, you can get into a cage and see those monsters in all their glory or if you really have the kahunas, you can jump in without the cage and hope you come out in one piece!
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#18 Ride the largest and scariest roller coasters

Scary Rollercoasters 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
Okay so riding roller-coasters isn’t the most dangerous of things to do, but they can induce adrenaline pumping action and that’s what this is all about. We all enjoy going to theme parks and love being scared to death by some scary rides but I am talking about the big scary ones that make people cry just thinking about. I mean the record breakers, the top ten coasters in the world; ones that would scare even the most manly men. These coasters are very much adrenaline fuelled and given the chance I think you will have a whale of a time on them.

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#19 Baja Racing

Baja Racing 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
Baja racing is an extreme motorsport that you petrol heads should not miss out on if you are given the chance to try it. Baja Racing is all about crossing huge areas of un-kept land (think deserts, fields etc) once there the aim of the game is to ride these monster racing vehicles over the race course in the attempt of finishing first. The best thing about this is that there are no hard and fast rules apart from the fact you have to stay within the track limits and you cannot ram into other drivers. This is something for the weekend if you are bored have have the cash to do it.

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#20 Running With Bulls

Running With Bulls 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
In a nutshell you run around the streets of Pampalona chased by a herd of huge bulls; all very angry and possibly blood-thirsty I might add. To some it might seem more of a nightmare than a source of fun, but I think this is pretty cool. Sure you may get maimed or at worse, killed but thats part of the gamble. When you try extreme sports and activities you need to understand that you are in for a percentage of danger too. It simply cannot be avoided that things like this can happen but again, thats why it’s called ‘Running with the bulls’. Only try this if you are a fast runner or if you were a former bull fighter!

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#21 Wing Walking

Bi Plane Walking 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
You have seen this before, possibly on the news or mayber somewhere else but you have more than likely seen this before. Basically you get strapped to the wings of a bi-plane and then the pilot takes off and you are stranded on the top of an aeroplane until the plane lands. Sounds pretty straight forward right? It is, the only downside is that it is scary as hell. Although that’s the whole point correct? This is something for those of you that don’t much like watersports but aren’t as healthy as you once were. I have seen elderly ladies do this for charity on the local news before and if they can do it then why can’t anyone else!

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#22 The Tough Guy Competition

Tough Guy Competition 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
The Tough Guy Competition is a England-based sports contest where you have to run yourself through all kinds of perilous obstacles. This is not for people in bad shape either, the course is absolutely gruelling and if  you are not to keen on the old cardio-vascular exercises, you had better not compete in this. The Tough Guy Competition is open for anyone to join and if you win you get a nice little trophy and what not. If you enjoy running on fire, being almost drowned in freezing cold water and blinded by mud then this one is for you!

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#23 ZapCat Racing

zapcat racing 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
ZapCat Racing is something that many of you will have heard about and it is another watersport, this one though is all about speed! ZapCat boats are by there very nature, the muscle machines of the boating scene. Simply put, they can cut through the water at an astonishing rate and you had better hope that you are a steady driver when racing these beasts because one swift move in the wrong direction and you are fish food. Danger is at a high level here so you need to be sure you know what to expect before getting into one of these babies. This is a petrol heads dream!

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#24 Extreme Sky Diving

Extreme Skydiving 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
This is not for the feint hearted, lets be honest none of these things really are are they? Anyway, Extreme Sky Diving is all about the height, sure it’s pretty cool to get to 15,000 feet and leap out of a moving plane, but I’ll tell you what is even more exciting. Jumping out of a plane at 30-60,000 feet. Okay so this isn’t going to be possible for everyone but there is one chap at the moment who is going to be attempting to break the world record parachute jump, he’ll be going up in a purpose built balloon due to the height of the jump, that alone is crazy, but not as crazy as realizing that when he reaches the height of the jump, he will be so high that he will see the earths sperical curve! That means he’s almost touching space!

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#25 Storm Chasing

Storm Chasing 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
Getting off the topic of sports now and over to one of my all time favourites – Storm chasing. Storm chasing is all about the tornados and the people that chase them just love what they do. I’d personally love to do it myself too, I mean come on, chasing one of mother natures beasts? That really is cool, I’d love nothing more to get up close and personal with one of these storms, maybe have a photo in front of one, that would be pretty cool. The point is that this is a dangerous thing to do, and I need to try this – what about you?

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#26 Dive The Blue Holes Of The Bahamas

Blue Holes Of The Bahamas 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
Diving into the oceans is something that any man (and sometimes his dog) can do whenever they feel the urge, but how many of you have dived into the mysterious depths of the ‘Blue Holes of the Bahamas’ I’m guessing not many of you? These massive holes in the bed of the ocean are just crazy, some of them go down hundreds of feet and some of them (although they are called blue holes) can become so dark that you cannot see your own hand in front of your face! This is something for those of you that aren’t scared of the dark, who knows what createures lie beneath?

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#27 Kayak Down The River Rapids

Kayak Down River Rapids 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
Okay so we have already seen rafting on the list but how about going through those mental rapids in a kayak made for one? This is for those that are already experienced kayakers though, as the danger levels here go past boiling point. This is an adventure that most kayakers only dream of, it is simply an amazing, thrill-giving experience that can literally kill you if you are not careful. Imagine racing through those waters at increasing speeds dodging past jagged rocks and cliff walls. It sounds amazing. I must put “Buy a Kayak” on my list of things to do!

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#28 Climb Mount Everest

Climb Mount Everest 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
It had to be on here really, I mean it is the largest mountain in the world! Mount Everest is the dream of many a climber and only a handful of people have ever managed to get to the top of this brilliant mountain. The views must be immense once you get to the top of there and I am pretty sure that the feeling of ‘making it to the summit’ must be equally immense. This one os for all of you who have ever dreamt of climbing this goliath.

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#29 Ski The K2

Ski The K2 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
28,251 feet in height, that is almost the same height that many commercial planes fly at! This mountain is not to be messed with and only the very best of skiers should even think about attempting this ride! It has to be said that many have tried and failed at skiing down the K2, some have even lost their lives and if you ever see it in person you will undoubtedly see the reason why it is not that much of a surprise to hear that. The K2 is one of the most challenging and most satisfying slopes to ski and if you have the ability you may just make it out alive to tell the tale years from now.

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#30 Speed-Riding The Eiger

Riding The Eiger 30 Dare Devil Things To Do Before You Die
The Eiger is a mountain in Switzerland and has become the popular haunt for many extreme sports men and women, the latest craze is to ride down the mountain side with a paraglider attached to you as well as a pair of ski’s. You then basically jump off the mountain and ski down it at an alarming rate, the paraglider is there to make sure you don’t go tumbling to your death and it also acts as a catalyst if you like, it helps to get down tens times faster than skiing alone. This is something else that only the most experienced of skiers should try, and try it you should. An experience not to be missed by those of you who love to ski.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/barbara.woods.5095 Barbara Woods

    Most of these you’d have to be blinking insane to try!!!

  • What to do Guide

    Hey, the Nevis Bungy Jump is located in Queenstown, New Zealand. Queensland is a state in Australia :)

  • Badass MOFO

    I have done all of these except for number 10! Normal skydiving is waaay too crazy for me. Go extreme or go home.
    May this be an inspiration for all of you. It is possible!

  • JustPassingThrough

    I got sweaty hands just reading this. Hello, anxiety!
    My dad has skydived, and has a Baja 1000 trophy in his office (true story) so he’s well on his way, I should think. I love roller coasters, but I feel bad trying anything dangerous because I feel like it’s not worth the risk; I still have more to do in life. But the bungee jumping and hang gliding look amazing, I plan to try both, though I was disappointed parasailing wasn’t on here.

  • debbie

    This is the best

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    these were the thing which i always dreamt in ma tho8s to do in ma lyf…but looking at these pics sm are looking the most scariest and dangerous adventures to do in lyf…..nw firstly the chase to drag the scare in heart begins….m coming………..

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