30 Things To Do Before You Get Married

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Before You Tie The Knot Tick These Off Your List!

Tying the knot is alway’s going to be a big deal, it means that you are going to be with that one person for the rest of your lives (or until you get sick of each other and have a divorce). Below is a list I have compiled which has something for everyone, there’s lap dances, sorting out your career and lots of naughty sexual activities and ideas too. When you are about to be tied down for the rest of your life you need to make the most out of the days you have as a single man or woman so stick to some of these, tick them off your list and have the time of your life. I know you will do.

Do remember however; these are just ideas, you should have plenty more of your own ideas, maybe some really crazy ones, but make sure you make the most of your bachelor and bachelorette days because once there gone you can’t have them back. Regret nothing and live for the moment. Now, on with the list.

#1 Go to a strip club

This may seem like it is aimed at the boys, seriously though; if you are a girl and you fancy rocking out at the local strip club then I say go for it! What have you got to lose, right? Hell, why not have a private lap dance to top off the night too; and if you don’t fancy the thought of another women’s naughty bits writhing all over you I’m sure you girls know where to find the male strippers right? Now before you boys get too excited, this is for you too (obviously) I think every man should go to a strip club at least once in their lives, whether that is for a private dance or just for some drinks and some light staring at those lovely women. This should be something you do before you get married, in fact it should be something you do on the eve of the wedding if possible, just to say goodbye to the bachelor life you’ve been leading!

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#2 Try Speed Dating

These days to go out and find a nice partner at the local village hall like the good old days; hence why speed dating came to be. Speed dating can be fun, or serious depending on how desperate you are; but you really should be taking it as lightheartedly as possible. The basics; the girls usually sit down and stay in one place whilst the boys move around in a clock-wise rotation every three minutes, however the rules may vary slightly from venue to venue. The usual dress code will also be in place so make sure you dress in a smart/casual sense and do not turn up in your favourite trainers or that lucky t-shirt that you usually where out on the town; they haven’t helped you get lucky so far so no doubt they wont do too well here. Good manners and a polite etiquette will get you everywhere here, and remember to be honest.

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#3 Go On A Stag Weekend

Again this is something that both men and women can do, the men have their stag weekends, and the women have the famed hen nights. This is something everyone should do before they get married; not because you can get away with murder (behave people) and not because you are so frightened about tying the proverbial knot that you just need to get wasted! No, this should be done because you need to have that one last night of freedom, that one time where you go out without each other and just hang out with your friends like you used to when you were younger. It helps you remember your roots. Your youth and it allows all of those funny, dodgy and sickening stories of your past to be relived for one last time before the wedding. Have fun and good luck.

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#4 Party In Las Vegas

Vegas is THE party town it truly is an amazing place. Maybe you could incorporate this into your bachelor party? Maybe you could go just for the hell of it? Who knows? Who indeed cares! If you have not been to Las Vegas yet well then shame on you, no seriously shame on you for not going. This is an opportunity that is really only at it’s best when you are young, single and care free. Okay so you can enjoy it when you are older and you can have fun there with your wife; but how are you going to manage all the really fun and scary things that makes Vegas the place that it really is? Just think of all the things you can do if you aren’t married though: hang out with strippers, get blind drunk, marry a complete stranger, get an annulment from that complete stranger, waste all of your savings on the craps table and did I mention hanging out with strippers? Well I’m saying it again. This is a place that some just can’t handle, for everyone else; come on down!

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#5 One Night Stand

This is a little bit of a sore point with some people but I am going to wade right in and say go for it; If you are single and the other person is single too then what is the problem with having a one night stand? You’re all adults (I say all because there may be more than just two of you) and if the sex is consensual then I really think you should just go and have the time of your life. This life time is way too short for feeling bad about yourself so forget any of that guilt nonsense, you should be proud of your glory days, happy about the experiences you have had and relish in the thought that one day way back when, you were a bit of a jack the lad (or Gill the lass). At the end of the day your experiences make you who you are. So when you eventually get married somewhere down the line, you can look back and remember that everything you have done has brought you to the man or woman of your dreams – and you had one hell of a ride getting there!

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#7 Live On Your Own

This is a little bit obvious I must say but living with your dear old mum is just not on when you reach the age of 20yrs old, I mean heck you might as well let make you a packed lunch and walk you to work! I’m sorry I didn’t mean that, well, I did but I didn’t mean for it to sound so harsh. Living on your own or with your mates is one of the best things you can do early on in life, whether that is in a dormitory at university or if you move to a flat just miles away from where you it doesn’t matter, just get a place of your own, have some wild parties, take some boys or girls back to your pad and have fun, leave your dishes to the next morning and leave your bedroom in any state you wish to. Basically with the freedom of your own place you are able to do anything you want really; as long as those things are at least legal. So save up those pennies because the rent won’t pay itself!

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#8 Catch The One That Got Away

You all know what I’m talking about, that special someone who just managed to get away from you. Maybe they were an old friend and things became a little tense due to the nature of your close friendship, maybe it is an old high-school crush? Whoever they were (or are) you should try to rekindle those feelings and passion that you had for one another; even if it turns out to be nothing more than a fling. You see the thing about those pesky catches that get away is that you will forever look back and think “If only”, and that is not the route to travel. There is no good in feeling sorry for yourself or thinking about what could have been, go out and find that special someone and try to get back what you had; this is of course under the pretense that they too are now single – don’t go treading on anyone’s toes! You never know what may happen, and who knows maybe they could end up being your husband or wife in the future?

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#9 Travel To Another Country With Friends

This is a must; everyone should go on holiday at least once in their lives without their partner before you get married, you could do this as early as 18yrs old or wait until you’re in your twenties but you really do need to carry this one through. There really is nothing in the world like travelling with friends to a far out destination that you have never been to before and being able to play the field with the other tourists or locals. When you go partying on holiday – especially in another country, it’s like nothing you have ever experienced before; you are able to dance without feeling like you will be ridiculed, you can have fun and not care about the consequences and you can do whatever you want (as long as they are legal). If you have yet to go on holiday with your friends then get yourself to the nearest travel agent and get going before it’s too late!

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#10 Get Yourself Into in shape

Not only should this be done before you get married, it should be done throughout your life! I know that we all have a tenancy to put on a few pounds when it comes to Christmas and other occasions. I know that we sometimes fall into a lazy state where we really cannot be bothered to get fit again but it is up to ourselves to get our bodies in shape, no one else is going to do it for us! Think of it this way, do you really think you are going to attract the man or woman of your dreams if you can’t keep yourself reasonably fit and healthy? Don’t get me wrong I’m all for vices, chocolate, alcohol you name it but just try to cut down a little now and then, have an orange juice instead of a lager, have some fruit instead of that chocolate bar maybe you could even ride your bike to work instead of using the car? I’m not suggesting we should all be size zero or muscly, I just think that it’s important to look after ourselves, after all, you wouldn’t want to marry someone else that was a complete mess would you?

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#11 Be The Best Man At A Friends Wedding

This is the ultimate honor that you can receive from your fellow comrades; being asked to stand up there at the front of the venue, in front of all those people and being trusted with the speeches! Okay it is an honour but it’s a little scary too I must admit. Being the best man at a wedding says something about who you are, it says that you are a trusted friend, a good person and also that you are probably one of those Jack-the lad types too. Just be sure to keep those rings safe, the speeches short and the dancing clean. Yeah it’s okay to go and frolic with one of the bridesmaids, should you get the overwhelming need to be romantic (yeah right) but at least stay out of view if you do get up to something and whatever you do, make sure that you keep your suit clean because YOU will be the one picking up the bill.

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#13 Party In Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa one of the more recent destinations which caters for the party going types. It is similar to Ibiza in the sense that it is all about the music, the dancing and the naughtiness, but in Ayia Napa it is a lot more steered towards the naughtiness than anything else. This is a place to take that mate of yours that can’t and won’t dance, you know the one that swears blind he has lost his virginity although you all really know its a charade because he doesn’t want to look stupid. Well trust me on this one; take him there and you are guaranteed to find that he really can dance, he really can talk to girls and more than likely he will have ended up losing those “L” plates by the time you leave the island. What I will say to you guys and girls out there though is that you need to be careful. Don’t do anything without a condom and make sure you let your friends know where you are, if your going to be wandering off with a strange man or woman. Just to reiterate – “No Glove, No Love”, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

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#14 See Your Future Wife Without Make-up

Okay so this one is a little vain I must admit, but girls, you have to understand that you see us every single minute of the day no matter what state we are in at that current moment in time, so I think it is only fair that we see your natural beauty too right? Don’t get me wrong this is not something I am suggesting is the be all or end al of any relationship – far from it, I am just pointing out that it would be a very good idea to see your girlfriend without make up before you wake up married one day and wonder who that person lying next to you is! Put it this way, how may of the women out there, reading this right now, would marry a man without even seeing him in person? Okay so that is an exaggeration but the principles are the same, I think you should definitely let your man see you in the flesh – without the make up. You know its only fair!

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#15 Get The  Career You Want

This is something that should not be left to chance but often is; how many friends do you know that are in a dead-end job, can’t find work or just don’t know what to do as a career? Again I hope no one takes this the wrong way, I’m simply stating that many people go for a job instead of a career especially when they are young. I think that younger people have jobs instead of head-hunting that perfect career for two main reasons; firstly they honestly don’t know what they want to do in life, and that’s okay because there aren’t many that do know. Secondly I think they prefer to go out and party and again this is something that should be done in life; but I think it is also important to sit down and think about what you want out of life. Without a game-plan you are pretty much just sitting on the bench until someone calls you into the game, and that could be never. So if you have passion, hobbies or desires in any form then follow them up; see if there is a career waiting for you that involves your passions and desires, you may just find that there is something perfect waiting for you. So get your thinking caps on.

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#16 Choose a best man

This can be tough at the best of times and several factors come in to play here; firstly you have to narrow it down, that’s simple enough if you have only a few close friends but what about if you have a larger circle of people you know and you can’t choose? Secondly you need to weigh up who is really up to the job, I mean it’s good that you have a best friend that you have known since you were three years old and all, but if he’s in and out of prison all the time, or has a slight drinking problem then he’s not really going to go down well with your bride is he? That brings me onto the third issue; does your future wife like your best man, if not then this could be a bit of a problem. Ordinarily you would be fine just picking your best friend but if you have a bride-zilla on your hands then you are going to be in the dog-house for choosing wrong. That being said, it’s your day too so pick who you like; good luck. See What Your Best

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#17 Buy A Nice Car

Buying a car can be a great experience, especially when you have enough money to buy something really nice. Maybe a convertible or something similar? The feeling of choosing the car, the colour and, well everything really, Is a great one. Imagine saving up for months, then finally the day comes when you have enough to go out and buy that car you have been looking at since forever. Depending on your budget and the car you eventually pick, you are in for a great time after buying the car too, but don’t drive stupidly, you will only end up having it taken off you. So what is the reason for buying a nice car for you? Do you think it will help you pull the opposite sex? Maybe it will; do you think you just deserve a new fancy car? Possibly; the point is; for whatever your reason for buying a nice new car is, the feeling of doing so is great. If you have been saving up and you’re about to go and get your first nice car then choose wisely and have fun.

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#18 Have A Threesome

So you have your sights set on a ménage á trois do you? Well fair play to you boys and girls out there; there is certainly nothing wrong with having a healthy sexual appetite. But let me ask you this; how many of you have had your girlfriend divulge in your idea to have a threesome, in turn getting you extremely enthusiastic only to find out that she want to do it with another man – ouch. This really is funny because it seems that men only want it their way or no way at all; now come on boy’s is it really fair to make your girlfriend, the person you supposedly love; watch you from all angles doing the nasty with her busty best-friend? The answer is no in case you are struggling to work it out. Imagine how you would feel if your best friend was ‘doing the deed’ to your partner whilst you are forced to watch? Not so appetizing now is it? This is a game best played when you are single; relationships are easily ruined otherwise, that being said if you are thinking about having a threesome be careful and make sure you can handle it.

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#19 Have A Private Lap-dance

Earlier I mentioned that going to a strip club should be something every man and woman should at least try before they eventually get wed; however having a private lap-dance is a different experience to sitting there with the crowd. Private lap-dances can be very intimate or down-right dirty, this usually depends on the venue you are at though. There are other lap-dances you can enjoy too though, how about getting your girlfriend (or boyfriend) to strip for you? Yes I know it isn’t the same (unless your partner IS a stripper in which case you can have your cake and eat it). Private lap-dances can be great if you go to the right place – the right place being somewhere elegant and clean, not some grubby back-alley venue where the door-person(s) insist on a full body cavity search! That being said, a lot of places are fairly respectable so you should be able to find a venue that is perfect for you regardless of your gender. If you have yet to go to a strip club and have a private dance then make sure you go on your stag or hen night – it’s your last chance as a single person!

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#20 Live Near The Coast

Living on the coast is amazing, the feeling of the fresh air and the cool breeze from the ocean is just incomparable. By living near the coast you get to see the ocean whenever you feel like it, you can go down to the beach and have a great day out whenever you please and you will no doubt be a very happy person. Also living near the coast often means better weather in the summer months, so if you are stuck inland where the weather is often gloomy then you will definitely feel the benefit of coastal living. On top of this the locals are often friendlier than people on the mainland; I don’t know if this is because they get more sun and better weather, or if they are just a happier bunch of people but I have personally noticed that whenever I go to a place near the coast the people always tend to be a little chirpier. Maybe I’m imagining it but the point is that living near the coast is great fun.

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#21 Go On A Blind Date

Blind dates; love them or hate them, you should at least try it once in a lifetime – then quite possibly never do it again. I know of people who have been on blind dates and are now married, but I also know people who have been on blind dates and have never tried it again and there is a reason why these two scenarios often occur. Basically it is down to the person(s) who have set the date up for you. The chances are that if that person is a respected friend that has your best interests at heart then the date probably won’t turn out too bad; worse case scenario you don’t date that person again or stay friends. Now if the person who sets up the date is a cunning and devious friend that loves playing tricks then you are going to get a date with someone who is the total opposite to what you actually want. I must admit though, it is kind of funny. Blind dates are a blast and despite the outcome, at least you have had the experience right?

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#22 Have Sex In A Public Place

This is a naughty topic but one that has a lot of interest so I am throwing it into the mix. Having sex in a public place is one of two things to you right now; it’s either your perfect fantasy or your worst nightmare but it is something you really should try out once. Many people like the idea of having sex in a public place because they love the thrill of getting caught, which funnily enough is exactly the same reason a lot of people hate the thought of doing it too! So what constitutes as a public place? Well it could be in a nightclub, on a park, in a field somewhere or even in your car somewhere fairly public. It doesn’t have to be right in front of peoples faces, in fact that would be a little silly, so if you are unsure about this one you might want to try doing it somewhere like a field in the country or something. For those of you that are a little more thrilled by the prospect of getting caught; there have been people who have had sex in the changing rooms at high-street clothing stores. The choice is yours whichever path you take but one things for sure – It’s really good fun!

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#23 Attend The Oktoberfest

I’ve spoken about the Oktoberfest a few times on this site and there is a good reason for it; it’s awesome. There is just so much to do and see; sample some amazing food, check out the amusement rides, have a look at the local market stalls and of course drink a shed-load of beer. This really is the only place I know of that virtually insists that you get blind drunk, however there are also reasons not to get completely legless. One of those reasons is the girls of the Oktoberfest; yes like any good party in the world, the girls are one of the leading attractions (second to the alcohol obviously). They dress in traditional ‘maid’ outfits with their cleavage very much visible and their flirtatious manners very much appealing to the single men (and women) who attend this very special festival. So if you are planning to be wed in November or beyond then I would suggest you make the Oktoberfest your official stag party venue – you can thank me later.

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#24 Sleep With An Older Woman

An older woman, a more mature woman or a complete milf, whatever word or phrase you use to describe them, they are the fantasy of many young men in the world. This is also true of older men and younger women too so don’t think I am leaving you out girls. Women have just as many fantasies if not more than men and just like us men, women love the idea of sleeping with an older man. The age range does very somewhat from person to person, from the 5-10 year age gap right up to the 15-20 year gap and beyond. Now I would have to say that anything beyond 20 years in age difference could be somewhat stomach churning, yet there are people who do it. So what is it that makes men and woman yearn for that older person? Is it because of the famed excuse of “They will be more experienced and can teach me a thing or two” or is it just because they are highly attracted to the older variation of the opposite sex? Who knows? Who cares! If you fancy the older man or woman then get in there and tick it off that list of yours before it’s too late!

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#25 Have A Go At Shooting A Gun

Boy’s and there toy’s right? Well women too obviously! There is something really strange, bewildering and powerful about being able to hold and fire a gun with live ammunition. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but one thing I have found to be true is that it feels really good to shoot a gun. Now when I say shoot a gun, I mean in the sense that you go to a shooting range and fire-off a couple of rounds from a 9mm pistol (or similar). That being said, it is just as empowering when you go on a rabbit, pheasant or duck shoot too I imagine, provided you can stomach killing small animals (not that I condone doing this – I’m merely stating the obvious). Shooting a gun is something everyone should try once in a lifetime just to say you have done it, you never know you may get a feel for it and enjoy going shooting on a regular basis; plus if you don’t like the thought of shooting those poor furry animals, you can always go clay pigeon shooting.

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#26 Party In Ibiza

Just like Ayia Napa, Ibiza is a party island, it is the place where clubbing really was born, and it took off in a huge way. I love Ibiza simply because the people are great, the music is always amazingly well put together and you get to rub shoulders with some of your favorite DJ’s. Did I mention it’s also a really good place for picking up persons of the opposite sex? Yes you do need to be careful (and always wear a condom – or have him wear a condom) but the mood of the island, the atmosphere of the night and the rhythm of the music really can do wonders for you sex life on this amazing island. Bob Marley called it his second home, and I can see why! If however you prefer a little more quite time then there is always the old city to take your mind off the terrible hangover you will no doubt endure. Ibiza – you have got to love it!

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#27 Go Snowboarding

If you have never been skiing, or snowboarding then it is definitely worth giving a try, apart from the fact that it is a super-cool sport to take up, it also has other benefits, one being that it will certainly give you a good workout, secondly you will have the time of your life. You can go snowboarding in many centres around the world some ar indoors some are outdoors, but you will never really have as much fun as you would do if you were to go out on the slopes in the French Alps or a similar destination. Snowboarding really does pump that adrenaline out of you and can get you very addicted to the sport; but it is also fairly easy to pick up, well to pick up the basics it is fairly easy anyway. If you really want to have a go and you haven’t done so yet then why not go on a skiing holiday for a short break, or maybe tie it in with a stag weekend? After all once the day is over you have always got the Apres Ski too.

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#28 Go Mountain Climbing

Not for the faint-hearted this one, not in the slightest, unless of course you are going to the safety of an indoor climbing wall – but that’s just not the same is it? Mountain climbing is a really dangerous sport so unless you are a veteran you need to go with someone who actually knows their stuff; for example a climbing instructor. Climbing a mountain could also mean hiking up the mountain too so if you really want to go up a mountain but you don’t have the nerve to climb, we’ll let you off for hiking up one instead. Climbing on the other hand really is an adrenalin pumping sport and it can be life threatening, but then if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be as exciting right? There really is nothing in the entire world like climbing up a sheer mountainside with only a rope to stop you falling to the earth. An amazing but scary experience – if you really want to push the boat out you could go free-style rock climbing, but for that you really need a lot of experience.

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#29 Decide On Your Life Goals

Much like defining your career path, which I spoke of earlier, finding your route through life is a hard task to take upon yourself but it is a necessary step if you want to be as successful as possible. It has been said in the past that physically writing you goals down in front of you and having them somewhere you can look at them from time to time can really help you boost your motivation and confidence; in short it means that you can help yourself a lot by deciding upon your goals in life. Now when I say decide on your life goals I don’t mean decide everything from now until 50yrs down the line, but it does mean you should have some sort of ideas of where you would like to end up in that time. The better way to do this would be to write some new goals every year (or every month if you wish to). Basically setting out your goals helps you to succeed in life – those who fail to plan, plan to fail after all right?

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#30 Pull A Bridesmaid At Your Best Friends Wedding

It’s every best man’s fantasy right (single best men I mean), pulling a bridesmaid at a wedding you are the best man at. Now obviously this doesn’t have to be a bridesmaid, it can pretty much be any of the attending guests, but the obvious choice would be to go for the bridesmaids (again if they are also single). When I spoke about being the best man at a wedding earlier I spoke about how it would be unethical to start having sex there on the dance-floor, that is still a very big no-no. There is no rule that says you can’t get hot and spicy elsewhere though, how about in your car, at the back of the venue or even in the toilets if you are adventurous enough? Pulling a bridesmaid isn’t all about having sex though, it just means that you get with them, whether that means taking home their phone number or anything else, if you manage that then well done young sir. Girls, I don’t want to leave you out either and I know that when you are the head a bridesmaid or the maid of honour, you want to make sure you pull too so if you are feeling frisky, then just be careful and remember it’s not your wedding – yet!

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  • http://open jasmine

    I have been with my boyfriend of 5 years and he has purposed to me last year valentines day 2010 he is the best thing that has come into my life we setour wedding date for july 5 2011 we have been through alot of things together good and bad were both excited about getting married but we just do not want any obsticles coming our way or finicial issues interfering but im excited

  • Liz

    Haha, Im gonna do the party at Ibiza and at Ayia Napa. Im a girl. Im a serious relationship for the past 18months. We decided to make lists of everything we want to do before we tie the knot. We get 2 weeks on a pass. Anywhere we want.. I dont plan on getting married for atleast 3years. So the next 3years will be intense! Thanks for the ideas! As for the car.. Hell ya im buying me a brand new BMW! : ) Thanks again!

  • Adil

    Hey dude,

    This is a good website~ I Enjoyed reading it and I’ve done it all except the three some – never got the opportunity.
    I would like to recommend that you add another one on the page – Crash a Wedding with 2 of your best friends, pick up a girl or 2. It is one of the best things you can do. Be in their wedding pictures and send them some money afterwards :)
    Best Regards,

  • omkar

    I have no girl in my life and i am going 2 live baecholar 4 all times.

  • durgesh bhende


    • Raj Malhotra

      Who has made that culture could you please elaborate buddy ? No one does. Its just a virtual thought which varies from person to person. People should enjoy as they want it to be.. as long as this does not harm anyone.You better watch Pogo on ur bachelor party while the rest enjoy :D :D

      • durgesh bhende

        think ur suggestion is rite bro….thnxx for dat…ur study about our country
        is at low level…and debating u wil take me to ur level…tho8s differ with
        person to person…its correct but wat u rote above shows ur childhood was
        wild…mine was not…so jus chill n let ur children enjoy booze and naked
        partys at the age of 8 and 9…al the best…

    • Videsh96

      Ya for real it kinda sucks because all thirty of those things are all awsome. But hey it’s before you get married and in that time span you h
      Should go a little wild and explore life and enjoy life for what it is. Then once you get married….. Well it’s game over.

      • durgesh bhende

        yea bro….m not saying that dese things are not awsm..they may be…but actually one may not find it good or interesting if he or she has been raised with different environment snice childhood…right?..
        even i find it interesting but the thing is dat i wont be able to do it so free mindedly like u think u can do….it depends on hw u think n hw ur approach is…not al but sm things i would not mind to…so al the best to u too…:)

  • cannon shelly

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