Christmas Bucket List – 30 Things To Do This Christmas

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Your Christmas Bucket List

It’s that time of year again, people are running around frantically searching for the presents they had forgotten to buy; traffic queues go for miles bumper to bumper and of course all the kids are expecting the latest and greatest toys and gadgets from ‘Santa Claus’. It’s about that time then, for me to put out the 2010 Christmas list of things to do. I’ve made sure that there are items on the list for everyone, so hopefully no one has been left out, try to do as many of these as you can, think of it as your Christmas Day checklist. Merry Christmas everyone.

#1 Visit The Real Santa Claus In Lapland

Meet A Real Santa Claus Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasThis may seem like a very out-there idea but if you haven’t already arranged anything else this Christmas and you feel like a having very different albeit traditional Christmas holiday then why not head over to Lapland. Although fairly expensive for a short stay over in Lapland, it is absolutely picturesque and well worth the money if you can afford the trip, and you are not scared of flying. Lapland if you didn’t already know, is in Finland and it really is a beautiful place to travel to and around. There is always snow at this festive time of year so you are sure to have a beautiful white Christmas, you will also find reindeer’s in their natural habitat which is great to see. On top of all this there is of course the big, fat, jolly man whose white beard and red (or more traditionally green) clothing is set to make any child’s Christmas day a special one, I am of course talking about Santa Claus himself; you will be greeted in true Christmas spirit by jolly Saint Nick who is sure to make the rest of your short stay very memorable, just dont forget to pack your camera, this is one trip you will definitely want to keep fond memories of.

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#2 Go Out And Buy A Real Christmas Tree

Buy A Real Christmas Tree Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasEveryone has different family traditions, maybe you have a fake Christmas tree instead of a real one, maybe you go out every year and buy one together as a family, or maybe you just go out alone and grab one from your local supermarket (if they sell them). The point is that it is about time you had a Christmas tree up in your house, maybe you have a small home and need a tiny tree, or maybe you have an ongoing competition with a fellow neighbour to have the most ridiculously sized tree you can in your home. The Christmas tree is a traditional decoration for any family that celebrates Christmas and without one the house just doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. If this is your first Christmas without your parents then this is a chance to start a new tradition altogether, why not take your partner (and your children if you have any) out to find the perfect tree and pick it together, you can really make it a fun outing which will become an annual event? Whatever you do this Christmas make sure you don’t go too overboard, you want to actually see the rest of the room and not just a space full of tree!

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#3 Set A Christmas Budget And Stick To It

Stick To A Christmas Budget Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasThis piece of advice is worth its weight in gold, regardless of how obvious it appears to be. The amount of people who go over their budget at Christmas is astonishing, it appears we are a society full of impulse buyers, which can lead to disaster if you are not careful. Think about your routine that you stick to the rest of the year, you pay your rent, your bills, your taxes (hopefully) but then you have what is left over for luxuries, this is your budget for the rest of the month (or week) and in order to keep having these luxuries you must keep to your budget or else you will have to go without for a period of time. It’s exactly the same at Christmas only you have more things to buy for other people (obviously). If you haven’t saved up in advance for Christmas spending don’t panic, just sort out a reasonable budget. Make a list of all the people you NEED to buy presents for and a list of those you would LIKE to buy presents for. then buy accordingly you don’t need to spend hundreds per person, most people will be happy with something very small. Just remember the famous old phrase “It’s the thought that counts”.

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#4 Go Christmas Carolling

Go Christmas Carolling1 Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasIf you are feeling very festive this year you could take your friends and family around your local area and do some carol singing; just make sure you know the words and can keep in tune at least a little. The days of Christmas Carolling are dying out year after year, but there is no reason why you can’t still go out and do your own thing. Maybe you could do it in aid of a local or national charity, or maybe you just want to spread the Christmas cheer? Whatever your reasons are and no matter where you do it, this is still a time honored tradition and really gets everyone in a festive mood. If you would like to do some Christmas singing then make sure everyone knows the words you can more than likely find every single Christmas carol known to man here on the internet but there is nothing saying you can’t do a modern variation and sing some more recent number one Christmas hits instead. Just have fun!

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#5 Give Unwanted Toys To A Children’s Hospital

Give Unwanted Toys To A Childrens Hospital Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasChristmas is a time for giving, and if you find yourself overrun with old Christmas toys from years ago then maybe you are thinking of throwing some of them out; but wait, before you do that, consider the children who are unable to celebrate Christmas because they are in the hospital! Instead of throwing out all of those toys that probably cost a lot of money some time ago, you could make a childs day by taking them all to the local children’s hospital or ward and let them have toys instead. You’d be surprised at how little can mean so much to a child especially one who has to spend their Christmas day in hospital. So if you are feeling genuinely generous and you want to give to others in this festive holiday then why not pack all those toys up and donate them today. The staff will thank you for it and the children will be thrilled. If you were to do just one item on this list before Christmas I think this should be it.

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#6 Put Christmas Lights On The Outside Of Your House

Put Christmas Lights On The Outside Of Your House Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasEvery year it seems there are more and more people in the local neighbourhood who are competing for the “most lights on a house ever competition” of course this is a completely fictional competition although for some reason the Christmas lights do get bigger although not better in some cases. If you want to put some lights on your house then please do so, it really does help carry the festive mood, just make sure you don’t over do it too much. Nowadays there are hundreds of places that you can buy lighting from, your local DIY store, supermarkets, even the thrush and pound stores are selling them now and they can be very cheap. Just make sure that you use a ladder and get someone to help you when you are attaching them to your roofs; it’s very cold and slippery this time of year so make sure you wrap up warm and stay safe.

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#7 Get In The Christmas Spirit By Watching ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’

oak2sb3o copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasIn fact any old or indeed new Christmas film is fine really but this is one that really stands out to me, I remember watching this film every year with my family, I’m sure many of you have other movies that you watch every Christmas with your family but instead of waiting for the TV companies to start showing them on Christmas Day itself, why not go out and buy that favourite festive movie of yours so you can watch it any time you like! There a lots of choices too, some a lot more dated and some with gerat CGI for the kids, this is great because it means everyone can enjoy watching a Christmas movie. Think about the family time it will create too, its an excuse to get everyone to sit down together and enjoy something as a whole family. Whatever your traditional movie of this season is, and whenever you watch it, I hope you have a great time.

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#8 Take Your Kids To See Santa

lztc222b copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasRemember when you were a child and you were taken to see Father Christmas? Remember how it felt? The excitement, then panic of thinking about which toy to ask for and the fear of wondering whether or not you had been ‘good’ enough throughout the year? Well if you’re now all grown up with your own children it means you can become a little nostalgic by taking your own kids to see Santa Claus. It’s brilliant watching the faces of your little ones whilst there waiting in line to see Santa, and it’s one of the only queues you can stand in where the children will actually behave (sometimes). Not only is this a great thing to do for your children it also helps to reinforce the whole ‘Santa Claus is real’ debacle which keeps their imagination running wild. Its important for children to be able to have a childhood and by taking them to see Santa you are actually feeding their imagination.Christmas really is a time for the children so why not take them down to the local ‘Santa’s Grotto’ and meet the man himself.

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#9 Cook An Entire Christmas Dinner From Scratch (By Yourselves)

xas3hram copy1 Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasOkay so every Sunday for around 16 years or more your dear old Mother slaved over hot stoves and cooking utensils in a bid to make the perfect roast dinner right? Well now it’s time to return the favour and the least you can do is cook her (and the rest of the family of course) a lovely Christmas dinner. The only problem with this is that if it is your first time you have no idea of what to do, get it wrong and your roast potatoes could be ready before the turkey is even thawed out, so you need to take a little time to get acquainted with the rules of cooking a Christmas dinner. Okay so it isn’t rocket science but the chances are that you will want to get it right first time so you can be thanked instead of receiving phonecalls the next day about why your turkey gave your entire family food poisoning – not a good idea. Help is at hand though, because if you think back a little, back to the day’s of school, you should remember these little rectangle objects called books! Amazingly some of them actually have writing within them, some even on the topic of cooking and recipes! Joking aside, if you are nervous, worried, or sheer terrified that you have picked the short straw this Christmas, then head over to your local bookstore and  pick up a cook book. It may actually save your life (and those who are going to eat it with you).

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#10 Go And See The Nutcracker Theatre Show In The West End

71qemmv0 copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasIf you enjoy live theatre productions and you haven’t been to any recently (or even if you have) then why not travel to London or Broadway if you are over in the US and see one of the biggest and best productions of this festive season; The Nutcracker. This would really make a great family day out and if you are lucky the traditional German market may be around as a sort of after show wound down. The great thing about The Nutcracker is that it’s aimed at children and adults alike, it also offers something other than a night sat in front of the TV watching a televised version which, lets face it, is not the same thing as the real deal. Try to get tickets well in advanced though because they are usually sell out shows with obvious reasons, also make sure if you are taking your kids that you do so when they have finished school for the semester, that way you won’t have to make them skip classes. Add a bit of culture to your lives, go and see The Nutcracker, you might even enjoy it!

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#11 Roast Chestnuts On An Open Fire And Share Them With Guests

ask3ibcl copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasI remember back at Christmas time when I was just a small boy, e and my family would always visit the local German marketplace and it was fantastic. Brockwurst sausages, all the different cheeses and of course the roasted chestnuts. Now I realise that it isn’t a German specific custom to have roast chestnuts, but its the place I remember having them from, and they were delicious. If you have ever walked past them and thought ‘yuck’ you do not know what you are missing, then again if you are allergic to nuts its probably best to stay from these. If there is a German market around your area, or even close by, at this time of year then I would say go, go and enjoy the festivities and whilst you are there look out for those roast chestnuts. There is also the option of buying your own fresh chestnuts from the local supermarket in which case you can cook them yourself, needless to say an open fire actually IS the best way to cook them in my honest opinion, I have also cooked them in a traditional oven and they tasted just fine. Another Christmas tradition and one you should try out for sure, maybe you could even introduce it in with number 9 on this list and kill two birds with one stone! (three birds if you include the turkey).

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#12 Make Your Own Christmas Cards

djdtmzt5 copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasNot contempt with buying and sending out generic Christmas cards, my dear old mother has been creating her own for as long as I can remember, in fact she has gotten so good at tit over the years that she now even does wedding invitations and the like for friends and family. Anyway the point is that Christmas cards don’t always have to be flimsy pieces of light-weight card, folded in the middle with an image of some classic scenery with snow on top of the trees. You see if you create your own cards they can pretty much be anything you want them to be. The best thing about making your own is that they are personal, as well as a much higher quality, you can add people’s names to them, you can use a million and one different methods, materials and sizes, the sky’s the limit in all honesty and as long you are able to use a glue gun, a pair of scissors and you have some fancy bits and bobs you can add to the card then you are off on the right foot. So if you want to stop sending generic cards, you know what to do, make your own!

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#13 Buy A Present To Give To A Children’s Charity

680sf24o copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasThis is becoming a lot more widely accepted everywhere nowadays, there was a time when this would have been unheard of, but you can literally walk into any supermarket and the chances are they have a trolley, box or basket waiting for you to buy something and add to it. I think this is a great idea, and would be even better if most of these charitable trolley’s and boxes were visible at the front of the store (most I’ve seen were only noticeable AFTER paying for my groceries). That being said you don’t have to rely on the supermarkets to help you out, if you are really interested in doing something for a childrens charity you could start up your very own Christmas fundraiser around your local area, or maybe just go out buy a couple of things and then head over to your local children’s charity and offer them your gifts. This is the season for giving and I honestly cannot think of any persons that deserve a few nice presents this time of year more than the children these charities represent. So get your woolly hats on, grab your gloves and scarf and do something great today.

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#14 Go To Midnight Mass If This Is Your Tradition

pyyc9dw0 copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasIf to you, Christmas is more about Christianity than giving presents and cards then maybe this will be your cup of tea; I am personally not all that religious, well, if I am being honest I would have to say I am not in the slightest bit religious, but that’s my choice and that’s fine. If however you and your family are religious then you will no doubt want to attend the Christmas Mass celebrations, for a family or group of friends that are all religious I think this is great; honestly, you all get together, sing carols, hymns and help one another, it is a good social event to be part of (if you are religious). I’ve always been a little confused about the whole midnight mass celebrations though, I mean, I get that it is on midnight because it is the first second, minute and hour of Christmas Day (Jesus’ birthday) but it just seems odd that everyone goes out and has mass at such a late hour of the night. I’m sure it’s all very traditional feeling and cosy though and if you are religious in anyway, shape or form then I hope your festive celebrations are very enjoyable.

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#15 Go Ice Skating On A Traditional Outdoor Rink

eudjwlkh copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasYou remember those old movies on the television which had ice skaters casually skating around a frozen lake or outdoor ice rink? I always used to think “Yeah, right, like anyone is going to actually skate on a frozen lake, what if the ice breaks!” a lovely notion I’m sure you’ll agree. That aside though, I have always enjoyed ice skating, and doing it on an outdoor rink is great, you can go with friends or family, maybe take the children with you? It’s becoming somewhat of a tradition with me and my family now and I love going ice skating and seeing how much everyone is enjoying themselves. I think it brings a sense of Christmas spirit with it too, I mean come on, if skating outdoors next to the traditional German Christmas market, with a hugely decorated Christmas tree in full view and Christmas lighting everywhere, doesn’t get you into the Christmas mood then I don’t think anything will. Try it out just once, I am sure you will love it, plus if there is a German market nearby your rink, maybe you can get yourself some roast chesnuts.

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#16 Bake Some Mince Pies

e06ti7dd copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasThe proof is in the pudding they say, well once you’ve cooked up these little gems along with making your own mulled wine (number 19 on this list) then you should be well on your way to feeling all Christmassy. I remember many, many moons ago when I would bake cookies, mince pies and flour dough ornaments for the Christmas tree with my dear grandma, I loved it, it was such an exciting time for myself and my siblings, it’s strange that so much time has passed and now I see my own little boy is doing the exact same things with his grandma (my mother). I love seeing the excitement on his face as he helps make a complete mess throughout the entire kitchen, and the rest of the house when he decides to go to the bathroom covered in flour (oops).  So back to the point of this item, baking mince pies is a great way to spend time with others, as well as make something really tasty to eat, and of course you can’t get much more festive than a mince pie right? If you haven’t made mince pies before then it is definitely something to try and if you have a family (and a big enough kitchen) then I highly recommend doing it as a family, it will get you all together and get you spending quality time with one another.

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#17 Visit The Harrods Christmas Grotto In London

duuf3fkh copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasNow I have already mentioned that you should go and take the kids to see santa, but this is a little different, and although I have never been to the Harrods Christmas Grotto I have heard it is great fun for everyone who attends. Harrods is one of London’s most famous stores, owned by the very well known and highly respected Muhammed Al Fayed. Harrods has been a very high end store for the past 40 years or more now and shows no signs of slowing. What’s interesting about Harrods Christmas Grotto is that they actually have their very own Harrods Christmas Parade too, which is quite unheard of elsewhere in the UK, I guess you could say that Harrods is the UK equivalent of Macy’s in the US. Back to the subject of Harrods Christmas Grotto, the fee is £5 to gain entry which is pretty reasonable for such a prolific store in the heart of London. However it does state that you need to become a member of the Harrods Reward Card system, you can access both the times and information as well as the registration page to apply for a Harrods Reward Card in the links below.

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#18 Watch Your City’s Christmas Lights Being Turned On (If They’re Not Already On)

tlxo71ow copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasI’m sure that many of you will already attend the annual lighting of the city for Christmas in your own home towns, it’s nothing new as you know; it is worth mentioning though because many people forget the date, or even that is happening . The lighting of the city’s Christmas lights is great because it brings hundreds if not thousands of people together in celebration, and uite often you will find there is some sort of fayre, market or other parade. Here in my own hometown, we usually have the honor of some minor celebrity to open up the celebrations, the past two years have seen former X-Factor (a UK telvision show) contestants open up the festivities, not an amazing sight I’m sure you will agree but its all in good spirit and of course it is free to attend. So if you have never been before, or if you had forgotten it was happening then get yourself mingling with the other Christmassy people of your home town.

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#19 Kiss Someone Underneath The Mistletoe

tuf50n30 copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasA time honored tradition that gets the single men itching to get their crush under the mistletoe and the women in constant stealth mode trying to avoid it like the plague; okay well maybe it’s not THAT bad but I have certainly seen a few funny and awkward moments when the mistletoe tradition isn’t as mutually appreciated by one person as it is by the other (and it is usually the women that have dislike it). I can understand why though, who would want to be kissed by someone that repulses you right? On the other hand, it is great for getting up close and personal with that certain someone you haven’t yet had the guts to talk to about your feelings, I think this is such a good tradition, and it really does bring me a lot of fun, even if it is through watching others miserably fail at getting that kiss they are desperate for! I will give you one tip when putting up mistletoe; be careful where you put it and remember where it is! The last thing you want is to receive a big sloppy kiss from your In-Laws!

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#20 Give Your Unwanted Clothes To A Homeless Shelter

c2mihq9p copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasWe’ve all got old clothes from time to time right? Either we have just decided we no longer like them, or maybe you have lost a lot of weight (or put some on) the point is that these unwanted clothes often get put straight into the bin, which is a big no no really. Just think of those that are less fortunate than you are, and believe me there are people less fortunate than you, regardsless of how bad ou may think things are at the moment. I like to bag up a load of clothes around a week before Christmas, making sure that they are all clean and in good enough condition; I know you are giving them away but there is no point in giving away something that is unwearable right? I love doing this every year because it really does give me a sense that I have done something good, and I have, those people in the shelter would have had to stay in the clothes they have been wearing for weeks or months on end, and with this time of year being so cold over here I think it’s important to help as much as you can. Trust me do this and you will not only feel great about yourself, you will be really helping people and thats what Christmas is supposed to be about isn’t it!

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#21 Bake Some Christmas Themed Cookies For The Kids

cj302cg1 copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasI did very briefly touch upon this earlier but I think it deserves its own section, Christmas cookies, just like mince pies, Christmas cake, and mistletoe is now a tradition and its another great way to get the kids off the couch and into the kitchen so you can have some quality family time. I think that throughout the year a lot of us forget about Christmas and what it stands for, religious thoughts aside (although I really have none) I think it is important that we get the quality time we need with our families, maybe that means sitting around a table for dinner instead of in front of the television, or maybe it means baking Christmas cookies with your children or partner? I think this really is something that more people should be doing, its fun, its messy, you can make the cookies into any shapes and sizes you want (and yes, for all of you dirty thinkers you can make adult cookies if you so wish). If you don’t know how to cook cookies then check out the links below, they’re very easy to make and taste yummy.

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#22 Attend Your Childs Nativity Play (If You Have Kids)

idofvhyy copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasI have not yet been to my son’s first Nativity play, mainly because he has yet to have one, but I’m sure it will be something to remember for sure. Back when I was in school I remember all of the Nativity plays I used to be involved in and I have to say I did quite enjoy it back then, singing along to all of the songs, getting the words wrong and burping in the most unfortunate of timings. Nativity plays are great for many reasons, they are great for building the self-esteem of your children, they give you lasting memories and of course they are one of the most Christmas-orientated events you can attend. I think that every parent loves theres kids Nativity plays, if only because their son or daughter is on  it. There are quite often refreshments at the end of the plays too so you get chance to mingle with the other parents and pass on any Christmas cards you may have forgotten.Another great thing about Nativity plays is that the parents often have to create the outfits, and that can lead to some seriously funny consequences, especially if it’s one of us dad’s that have done the sewing and stitching!

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#23 Make And Drink Homemade Mulled Wine

l75cz6uz copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasA tradition that has been lost a little in recent years in the homemade mulled wine. I remember a few years ago when you couldn’t get away from the stuff but it slowly phased out until last year when it seemed to be all over the place again. I think mulled wine is great if you enjoy the taste but I admit it isn’t to everyone’s liking. Mulled wine is a tradition that has been around for centuries and it will more than likely stay with us, going in and out of favour every couple of years, but still holding on. If you are not much of a mulled wine person then there are alternative recipes for it as well as recipes for a completely different but just as tasty Christmas beverage; Egg Nog, this is another traditional drink that has been around for many many years, traditionally its made with eggs which gives it the frothy texture as well as sometimes different flavoured ciders and brandy’s; see below for a few alternative recipes.

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#24 If There Is Snow Outside, Build A Snowman

ldzmksvv copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasEveryone, every year, hopes for it to be a white Christmas and for amny it is, but for many like myself it is often more rainy than snowy. This year is no exception and with the weather forecast supposedly likely that it is going to snow, the chances are it will not do so. If however it does decide to snow then I can assure you that every man, woman, child and family pet will be outside making snow angles, having snowball fights and of course making a giant snowman.  This tradition of making a man from snow has been around for centuries and still keeps us happy today, even as adults, whilst were outside in the snow. It’s something that everyone should at least do once in their lifetime, if you’ve never made a snowman, or had a snowball fight then you have not lived. There really is nothing quite like it, and the snowman will usually last a good couple of days if not weeks, depending on the weather. If it snows this Christmas, I’m betting you will be out there too, you know you will, we’re all just tall kids really.

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#25 Send Out All Of Your Christmas Cards

n2uu2b5b copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasIf you haven’t already done so then , what are you playing at! It’s getting very close to Christmas time now and you need to send those cards out asap unless you are going to physically deliver them yourself (like I had to a couple of years ago after forgetting to post them). The problem with Christmas cards isn’t the actual sending that is usually the problem, the problem is usually taking hours to decide what message to put in your great aunt Edna’s card without sounding sarcastic or arrogant. Well it has been for me in the past, that’s why I no longer do Chrsitmas cards, my partner does them instead, not because I am an egotistical so and so, no you see she banned me from writing and sending them. I think the final straw was when I started adding rude limericks to a few of them that went to the wrong people. Needless to say they found the funny side of it and hey, it go me out of sending any ever again, but that doesn’t mean you can do the same so get yourself to that post office asap!

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#26 Stock Up On Your Favourite Beer, Wine And Whiskey’s

It alway’s amazes me how many people (most) that stock up on copious amounts of liquor and ale over the festive season, I mean sure, back in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s the stores may close for a longer period of time but nowadays the supermarkets want to be re-opened on Boxing Day! So it seems to me that we have a nation of very big drinkers, or very crafty drinkers who are getting in on the cheap alcohol whilst they can. Needless to say I even do it myself so please don’t think I am being patronising or insulting, I just find it extremely funny that the majority of us stock up on things that we will basically be able to buy again a day later. Still, I can’t think of a worse time to run out of alcohol that at a Christmas party, with that said I think I may need to travel to the supermarket shortly!

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#27 Don’t Forget To Put Up Your Christmas Stockings

n3bq95db copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasOkay so it may not be the most important item on this list but if you are already putting up your decorations you might as well get your stockings ready too. Christmas stockings are great for the kids because it allows you to buy some smaller items for them, which is great for when you are really on a tight budget. The tradition of Christmas stockings dates back to the day’s of Saint Nicholas and have stayed with us ever since, its also just a nice touch to finish off all of your lovely decorations that you have added to your home. If you haven’t already got a couple of Christmas stockings then make sure you go out and buy a couple or better yet be creative and make your own that way you can get everyone involved, and you can all have your very own personalised ones, that way you will know whose is whose come the day of opening all of those presents!

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51cm Hanging Father Christmas Stocking Decoration

#28 Do Your Christmas Grocery Shopping In Advance

97o70pk8 copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasThis is some what of a no-brainer but I’ve known people to forget in the past and they are then frantically running around the nearest supermarket like they are on a free-for-all supermarket trolley dash! The beauty of getting everything as early as possible is that you do not have to worry about rushing about last minute as well as being able to avoid the manic queues both inside the stores and outside with the traffic. Christmas shopping may be a fairly mundane task to do but it is pretty much a mandatory thing to do as well as the fact that it is inevitable that you will need at least something from your nearest store. If you want my advice, go as early as possible, if you have a 24 hour store near you go at the dead of night, just try to avoid the huge queues, you can thank me later!

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#29 Avoid Christmas Day Arguements

ckdbim1w copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasIt happens to the best of us, we’re enjoying a lovely Christmas dinner, everything is perfect until someone brings up a dreaded conversation and BANG! All hell breaks loose, there’s turkey flying left and right, gravy is plastered all over the walls and the in-laws are at each others throats! Okay not quite but you get the idea, Christmas always brings a couple of arguements as well as the celebrations, but it can be avoided. One of the main topics for arguements at Christmas is that of the Christmas dinner, someone mentions dry turkey and thats it, game over; so your best bet is to keep your head down and your mouth chewing, if it is a little dry then just drink some more mulled wine, that way if an arguement does sprout up hopefully you’ll be too blissfully unaware of what is actually happening. Another key tip I will give you albeit a little too late; listen to your partner, they have been giving you clues about what they want for Christmas for the past 2 months and if you haven’t taken the hints then come the opening of those presents you could be in for a nasty surprise. On top of all this, one rule trumps them all; the ladies are always right, it doesn’t matter how wrong they are, they are absolutely positively correct at that moment in time, and you’d better remember that too!

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#30 Turn Off The Television And Spend Time Together

fev7taxx copy Christmas Bucket List   30 Things To Do This ChristmasI remember reading a year ago (or more) that the number one reason why Christmas Day arguements occur is because of the television, whether it is because of who has control of the remote control (and thus chooses what everyone watches) or because there is an argument about what is actually being watched. The best way to avoid all of this messing about is to keep the television switched off throughout the day (or at least most of it). When you think about it you really don’t need the television on at all, put on the Christmas CD that you bought a couple of day’s ago and let the songs fill the room with the background noise you need. If you have children you will already have plenty of toys and games to use as a family so you should be more than occupied throughout the day. Then comes the Christmas dinner, which will be at the table meaning no television then either. By all means go the other way and watch it to your hearts content, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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The Fiked Team Would Like To Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

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  • Adam

    An epic post mate. I’ve already done: 2,3,4, 12, 14, 15, 24, 25.
    Bucket lists are great at helping you focus on achieving what you really want.

    Happy Christmas too and good luck with this new blog.

    • Aarron

      Hey Adam,

      Thanks for the comment, I see you have been a busy chap already! Good for you.

      Thanks again.

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  • minelie

    Merry Xmas & Happy New Year……Good Luck…Have nice year.

    • Aarron

      Thanks Minelie,

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!

  • Barry Jarvis

    Nice post! Some very good ideas to get you in to the Xmas spirit.
    We’re off to our local Xmas Market later so will be sampling some freshly roasted chesnuts :)

    I would also like to add a number 31… I took my wife to Copenhagen in Denmark a couple of weeks a go. I would highly recommend people do it, and go to the Tivoli gardens. A spectacular place at night due to their fantastic Xmas lights and the Xmas Market stalls. Truly wonderful place!

    • Aarron

      Hi Barry,

      Thanks for the unique tip about Tivoli. I’ve never been but I did look it up and it does sound great.

      Thanks again.

      Merry Christmas

  • Edie

    What a great list! Unique and well thought out and one that truly prompts us to get into the spirit of the season. Thank you! Have a great holiday!!!

    • Aarron

      Hey Edie,

      Thanks for the kind words, I hope you have a great Christmas wherever you are.


  • Abel

    i prefer the 5th and 13th things

    we need realy these actions today as a lot of people suffering in this world this is the real christmas

    help some one who need you

  • Christmas Trees and Lights

    Love this list, especially the bit about decorating the outside of your house in lights (obviously). Do you mind if we include this page in our recommended links?

  • Sad Teen

    I love so many of these, but my friends are all stupid and think it’s a waste of time to do anything related to helping people or anything involving moving unless it’s “fun” for them. Thanks for the ideas anyway, I might try to find time to do some of those charitable things myself if I can. Great list :)

  • Lauren

    This article provides no useful suggestions whatsoever and is really just a list of things that everyone does or thinks of doing at Christmas anyway.

  • angathome

    If you would like a list of ideas for family traditions for Christmas, see

  • Anna Theresa Koltes

    These are all old…and slightly selfish! Give unwanted toys and clothes away…wow, it would really take a BIG heart to do THAT..!! lol

    • Ryan Merkus

      That’s extremely rude, many people give to charity and homeless people.
      It is kind and respectful.

      • veggiebunny

        what he means is the UNWANTED part, why not give something you like to a homeless person? old clothes you want to get rid off, it really comes from the heart if you give something nice that you are attached to to a person in need.

  • Journeymart

    Study how other countries and cultures celebrate Christmas with his family

    Click here to know more

  • cv

    well its a nice thing to do but people dont have thime to do some of theas things

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    • Becky Jones’ Dad

      fuck you troll, 3 days can’t fix your stupidity. fuck you

  • Holly Devenney

    Finally Christmas back for another year can’t wait to get all my presents opened up to see what Santa’s left for me.

  • debbie clark


  • summer jones

    crap advice what the hell !

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